State Relay Championships will be held on Saturday 2 December 2017 at WA Athletics Stadium

The State Relay Championships are a competition between Little Athletics WA Centres.

Athletes compete in Track events or Field events and are selected by the Joondalup Little Athletic Centre's selection committee

Track Relays

The events for the Track Relay are: 

  • 4 x 100 metres for U8 to U17 age groups; 
  • 4 x 200 metres for U8, U9 and U10 age groups; 
  • 4 x 400 metres for U11 to U16/17 age groups.

Field Relays

The events for the Field Relay are:

Discus U10, U11, U12, U13Boys, U16/U17Boys

Javelin U10, U13Girls, U14, U15, U16/U17Girls

Shot Put U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15, U16/U17

Triple Jump U11, U12, U13, U14, U15, U16/U17

Long Jump U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15, U16/U17

A field relay team will consist of a minimum of 2 athletes to a maximum of 4 athletes and are for the U10 to U17 age groups


Athletes interested in the track events have the opportunity to record extra times to be considered for the relay teams. They are invited to compete in a Sunday special ‘relay trial’. This will be held on Sunday 15th Oct, 2017. We require some parent help for this. Please nominate for a roster.

 Further information on the selection process can be found here:  Relay-Team-Selection-Policy-Highlights-2017-2018.pdf